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Hello all! I am writing this blog in hopes of helping out a great gal by the name of Jennifer Esposito. She currently plays Jackie on the show Blue Bloods & I have been fortunate enough to be able to meet her. It all started about 3yrs ago, I decided I was gonna go on a diet. Nothing but fish, veggies and whole grain wheat bread. FATAL mistake! Within 3weeks I had lost 32 pounds and felt awful. I was so mad & confused, I remember thinking I’m dieting and this is how I feel? With the weight gain their was feverish sweats, severe diarrhea, extreme nausea & eventually vomiting. This along with the feeling that I was going nuts & stabbing pain in my upper right side were not what I expected. The final time I realized something was wrong was when I had to call 911. I kid you not when I say I literally crawled to the door with a trash can & begged them to take me. They did but said I just had the flu! I remember thinking, next they’re gonna send me to psyche, I just know it. Eventually my mom who works at the hospital suggested I go see a Dr here in town who specializes in stomach issues. I did and he scheduled me for a biopsy, which is where they go in and take small samples of your intestine. All this was done on the same day as my beloved paw paw went in and found out cancer was attacking his brain and lungs. My world was turned upside down, I felt so lost. The dr called a few days later and said Melinda you have celiac. My response? Whats that? I thought I had some kind of weird cancer, I had no idea! I began looking it up online and I was pissed. No cookies? Pizza, don’t take away my bread! I honestly didn’t pay attention much after that, 29days after my paw paw and I were both diagnosed, he lost his fight. Words cannot begin to express how his loss affected me. I just didn’t care anymore, I felt robotic & just couldn’t wait to crawl into bed at night. Life revolved around food as a comfort for me, so I just kept eating whatever I wanted. I punished my poor body for 2 years! Now that I look back I’m very mad at myself but all I can do now is try to live it as healthy as possible. I met someone who is an amazing friend & she helps by being gluten-free too. It helps me not feel so alone when I have to walk by yummy pastries! lol But if u know me you know I love food. I admit I was still cheating here and there. I thought what could it hurt?  A bite here or there isn’t gonna hurt me. WRONG! I am an avid blockhead, have been since I was 8 yrs old. I’ve followed the ever so wonderful Donnie Wahlberg since April of 2009 & I heard about his partner from the show and boom there it was! She was celiac too? I know Jennifer doesn’t consider it a blessing but I did! Shes like a gluten dictionary! lol She was telling things that I never knew about celiac and honestly it scared the hell outta me! If your diagnosed with celiac and you keep eating whatever you want you’re at high risk for developing all sorts of cancers of the stomach, intestine and many more. I was floored! Not to mention terrified, I was there and watched my paw paw slip away that night. FROM CANCER! I can honestly say it scared me straight. I started reading everything when I went grocery shopping. A once one hour shopping trip turned into a three-hour one! I wanted to be informed, I was so scared and was sooo tired of feeling sick. If I hadn’t read those blogs, I’d probably still be cheating and putting myself at risk every day. Anytime I have a question Jennifer is there and if she doesn’t know she will find out. It makes me feel great to know someone cares & is trying to help. Recently I had to go in and have my tonsils taken out and I was sick for months! From nov to about a month ago to be exact. I couldn’t eat, literally. If I drank water it came up as nasty foam. Long story short, they said the pain meds, along with my celiac was agitating my stomach. I had to start taking tons of enzymes to calm my stomach and have just recently felt my old self. But not before the dreaded depression kicked in. I started feeling weird, not regular depression but I want to not be here depression. All I wanted to do was sleep and cry. One day I was going to call my mom and tell her to come and get my kids so I could go to the psyche unit of the hospital and check myself in. I’d had it. I couldn’t stand feeling that way anymore. Don’t ask me what possessed me to mention it to Jennifer but I did. She recommended I get my vitamin D checked. I thought why but I’ve always taken her word for it and did. When ur celiac it’s hard for your body to absorb nutrients. Jennifer said it can make you depressed if it’s low. So I called the dr, had it checked and there it was! Mine was 16, normal is 20 and up. I started taking vit D capsules but not before Jennifer let me know that I needed to pop them open and put it under my tongue to absorb better. I can’t say for sure what would have happened if she had not told me to get that checked, but my guess is it would not have been good. That was the most depressed I’ve ever gotten. So when I say this girl knows her stuff, I mean it. I had been to the dr and he hadn’t even suggested I get it checked! It feels good to know that I’m not alone and that she’s been thru what I have. Don’t get me wrong I’d love it if we were both able to eat whatever we want but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. It’s how you handle it that counts. Recently I was able to go to NYC. It was amazing and had more meaning than the usual vacation. Sure I wanted to see the city, but I also felt the need to thank Jennifer. So I swallowed my huge fear of flying (only to be rocked by the worst turbulence ever on the way) and made the trip. It was all I thought & then some.                                                            On the day I went to set I was blessed to not only meet Jennifer but Donnie! (I still can’t decide who was sweeter) Donnie was silly and sang the greatest kitty song ever. Dont ask me, he just started singing and I went with it. lol It was a very emotional trip for two reasons. One is I’ve been waiting to meet him for 22yrs and because I couldn’t wait to thank Jennifer. When she came over I was thrilled. It was so sweet that she actually asked how I was feeling and spent some time asking how things were going with me. She is so down to earth and couldn’t have been sweeter. I was kinda honored that she showed me her beloved Boops tag she had just found in her pocket, even though I almost started crying again. It may sound silly but I know how important her pup was to her. All I was able to do was hug her again, she’s just that nice. I’ve also been blessed to have tried her chocolate chip cookies and let me tell you they are amazing! My mouth watered, I keep telling her I havent had a cookie like that in a long time! They really did taste like regular cookies, no falling apart, no gritty taste, just a regular cookie! I cannot wait until her products come out but I’m trying to be patient because I saw just how hard they work. I hope all the fans appreciate what they do because it’s very exhausting.                                                      Poor Donnie was actually packing around a bowl of food between takes & trying to eat in between. I will say they are both so lovable and silly, they seem to really try to have a good time at what they do. Now I’m back at home and spending more time with my kids than ever. I was actually lured onto the trampoline by my boys the other day! I havent been on one of those in years and it was so fun! As I fell in laughter with them piling on top of me the sun came out of the clouds and it occurred to me just how happy I was. At that moment I thought of my paw paw, Jennifer and Donnie & how I’ve come full circle. It has been a bumpy ride but I’ve made it so far, and I couldnt have done it without the information and guidance from these very important people in my life. I feel I’ve made a life long friend with Jennifer and I know the NKOTB gift will never go away. It’s such a blessing to have you all in my life, you’ve always been there to catch me when I fall. For that, I simply say. Thank you. I love you all very much and wish you nothing but the absolute very best in all you do. Love, Melinda(@Nautinkotbkitty) XOXO                                                               


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