The Crystal Grubb story

Crystal Grubb was a daughter, mother, sister & friend to many in the town of Bloomington IN. Sure she had hit a rough patch in her life but who doesn’t? The only thing that matters to me is that she was brutally murdered somewhere around September 19th 2010. She went out that night with 3 friends and was never seen again. Rumors have been running since it happened. Strangers approach Janice, Crystals mother all the time and tell her what they have heard. We have said it before and we will say it again, if you know something, even if you don’t think it’s not important speak up! Alot have asked why I became involved. I tell them often it is because it could happen to me. Or what if it happened to you? Would you be able to rest knowing that every night someone who killed your daughter was walking around assuming a normal life with kids and a family? I can’t fathom it & quite frankly it makes me sick. So that has become my mission. To find out who did this to Crystal, not only for her, but for her family and most importantly her daughters.Image

Like I said before, Crystal has become involved in something very dangerous, meth. It was perhaps too much for her to deal with & may have quite possibly had something to do with her murder. That’s the painful part of the whole situation, not knowing. In my many talks with Crystals mom that seems to be what is the hardest part for her. Crystal went out with 3 people who she thought cared about her. Details are sketchy but she was out near hwy 37, heading toward Indianapolis when her friends say an argument ensued & she walked away in anger. After that, no one ever saw her again. Her family went in and reported her missing on Sept 19th and tried in desperation to find her on their own, along with the police. Eventually a farmer was on a combine October 1st and was up high getting ready to attend to his crops when he discovered what appeared to be a body. He quickly called the sheriff’s office & the nightmare for Crystals family began. Janice told me they asked her to come down to the station, along with her husband Tim & their other daughter to give DNA swabs for comparison. She couldn’t even see her baby one more time, it just wasn’t possible. Can you imagine finding out your daughter is possibly dead and not being able to do so much as hold her hand one more time? Or see her face? It’s a feeling I find indescribable & pray that I never go thru. After all the testing was done they had to wait for positive ID which eventually came. No parent should ever have to go thru this. As a parent myself, I honestly don’t know how they made it thru but they did. Crystal was laid to rest, and a week later, her death was ruled a homicide.

Fast forward to Sept 15th 2011. I was riding along in my car and Crystal popped into my head out of nowhere. I had been thinking about Lauren Spirier also, wishing that we could have found her. As a parent living here, their both always on my mind. I want justice for both families, no matter what the outcome. I went home and wondered if their was ever any arrests made in Crystals case so I decided to hop on-line and look. Nothing. It was there at that moment that I decided to do something about it. It’s a choice I will never regret, although sometimes painful. I found the Crystal Grubb memorial page on facebook and asked her mom if she would be willing to speak to me. Janice was to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She agreed to meet with me so we could plan something for Crystals one yr anniversary. At first it was going to be for family only, but then my determination kicked in and it ended up everywhere. lol Within days, their were newspapers calling, people in the community and friends far and near. I eventually planned the event to be held 0ct 1st in the local park here in our town. We decided to include Lauren Spirier also, for we wanted them to have a better outcome than Crystals family had. I headed to the part and their were about 25 people there. Then 75…then 150. Then finally 197!! I was shocked to say the least! It was beautiful to see so many people embracing each other and there for a purpose. Janice spoke, along with her sister and Crystals aunt. We then began the march to the local jail then down to where Lauren lived to say a prayer for her. We continued to the bar where Lauren hung out that evening and concluded back at the park. The line of people expanded to a mile long! I had been running around so much that I hadn’t had time to sit for hours. When I finally sat down with Janice and some more family members I was finally able to get a good cry in. I wanted so much to know right then and there what happened to Crystal. ImageImage

Now were here. April 13th and still no answers. I don’t blame anyone. I have to keep faith and hope that when it is meant to come to an end it will. It’s hard to tell Janice that, and I’m sure it’s awful to hear but that’s all I have. In doing this blog my hope is to keep Crystals memory alive and generate some publicity for her. My fear is that she will be forgotten & no justice will come. My plan is to not let that happen. In order to do that, I need your help. Re post the blog, call radio stations anything to get her name out there will help. I am currently in the middle of setting up the Crystal Grubb Memorial Fund. This way the money will go straight into an account for things to do for Crystal. Our goal within the next month is to get a billboard in town. These are $1,105 a month! Also, their has been no reward in her case to my knowledge and I think that needs to change. Lastly, her family would like a vase on her grave but the piece of granite that has been approved by the grave yard is going to be $500. So that is my plan. I am going to try my hardest to get ahold of as many celebrities and organizations as possible in hopes of getting this resolved for the family. I know it wont bring Crystal back, and I know she made some bad decisions but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that her death being brought to justice so her daughters do not have to look back in fear as they grow older. They know their mother is in heaven, but do not know the circumstances. I’m hoping by the time they are old enough to understand, they can at least be told their mommy’s at peace. Crystal, were gonna get this done for you in one way or another. RIP.          -Melinda

Anyone with any information is urged

to call the Bloomington Police.

It will be confidential!!

(812) 349-2534

Check us out on facebook for the latest news on how to donate or developments.!/pages/The-Crystal-Grubb-Memorial-Fund-page/168671076548572



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5 Responses to The Crystal Grubb story

  1. Teresa Carpenter says:

    You are a Wonderful person for doing this for her family. I too think of Chrystal often. It hurts my heart to think that Justice may never be served in her honor. There has to be something out there that points clues toward the person/people responsiable for this. It doesn’t matter about the path that was taken to get to this situation! We All Make mistakes! What does matter is that she need NOT be Forgotton!! My Prayers are with her family Always, and i feel they deserve to have closure to this Horrifing Crime. I too am a Mother/Grandmother and i feel her pain! You are Wonderful for what u do! Keep Crystal’s Memory alive and find her the Justice she Deserves. Thank you so much for keeping us updated in her familys struggle to get Justice. Please let us know when this walk will take place. I will do my best to show the support the need and deserve. Big Hugs to you and her Family…….. My Heart shares your pain ! A very concerned Lady who prays for Justice and closure ….. May God Be with u all….

  2. Rainie Brooks says:

    Hello! i wanted to take the time and tell you THANK YOU!!!.. crystal was one of my best friends since we where kids . It is such a sad situation i love tim and nae and i feel so sorry for the family they have been threw so much. i hope they find out what ACTULY happend to her.. I LOVE YOU CRYSTAL AND WE WILL GET JUSTICE!-RAINIE

  3. nicole wickline says:

    R.I.P Crystal justice will be served in do time. for the family: Do not be discourage. Crystal is home now. She is in no pain and has no struggle she is with you forever and always.

  4. Shirley A. Stangas says:

    Want to let Crystal’s family know my heart goes out to them . My son Robin Sowders was murdered about same time Crystal was. Still no one arrested for their murders. No one no matter who they are deserve to be brutaly murdered. Its so sad their cases are not actively investigated & solved. God Bless you all . What helps me is I know Robin is free now & with family & Heavenly Father & so is Crystral.

  5. Crystal Addison says:

    I just want to say that I know the family very well and I have faith that justice will get served in due time. I love the family like my own. I too am a friend of the family. I just wish that there were more people that would do things to help out. I wish that I could do more. We all love and miss you Crystal.

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