Calling all angels

Time to blog again… I have finally finalized the account for Crystals memorial fund! So exciting but it comes with worry. I am worried no one will help or care. Thats where you all come in. I know this girl did things that were morally wrong but she was a human being. She was a mother, daughter, sister and dear friend to many here in Bloomington. Whoever did this needs to see her face wherever they go, and that is my plan. I want her on billboards, posters and in stores everywhere. I want whoever did this to forever be haunted by what they did to a mother of 2 beautiful young girls. It must be hard going thru every day knowing you killed another human being. Trust me when I say I pray for you also. I wish I knew how to put it all into words just how much I want to help them but I can’t. It has become my personal mission to help them out & that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. You can now donate to the following bank;

Woodforrest Bank

3585 W State Road 45 Bloomington, IN 47403

If your writing checks, money orders or cashiers check, please make them out to The Crystal Grubb Memorial Fund.

Please call the Bloomington Police if you have any information whatsoever in the murder of Crystal.     It will be confidential!!       (812) 349-2534

You can also check us out on facebook for the latest news on donating or developments.!/pages/The-Crystal-Grubb-Memorial-Fund-page/168671076548572

With love; Melinda


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