Backstabbing 101

First off let me just say I don’t mean anyone harm in writing this blog. I am writing it simply because I’m tired, tired of lies, backstabbing and people who are suppose to be adults acting as if we’re still in grade school. I remember being so happy when the block came back. They have always been a part of my life and will always be. I made so many friends along the way and thought they were dear and true…..turns out they were nothing more than abusers. Ready at any waking moment to stab me in the back when they thought I wasn’t looking. A person can only be hurt and pushed so many times before they decide to fight back. I have been pushed to just that. I have one friend in Atlanta, @atlautismmom who I loved dearly. People informed me she was talking crap about me a long time ago, but I gave her many chances. I kept posting many backstabbing quotes, dropping hints on twitter to her. If someone comes clean to me I might consider giving a second chance. She obviously didn’t get it, or didn’t care and just kept on doing it. She went to NYC to see a friend @kelsie12000 and when she got back all I heard was stupid bitch is so cheap, she bought me a coffee then made me pay her back! Can you believe that? Now, if this hasn’t been on twitter, and the girl she’s talking about didn’t tell me, how do I know? I know because she was talking crap that’s how. She sits and talks about this poor girl like she’s dirt all the time. At least when I decided I didn’t like the girl I unfollowed and just simply stopped speaking to her. Not this girl, oh no, she’s still to this day kissing this chicks ass like no tomorrow. Why do that? What do you get out of it exactly? What do you get out of telling me your pregnant Virginia friend is awful because shes taking painkillers while pregnant? Or that she drank when she came to see you, knowing she was pregnant and didn’t care? Then when all of you decided to turn on me, you and her became the best allies ever? Have you told her how you think it’s unfair that she had a healthy normal baby and that you didn’t? Again, how did I know that she drank while at your house unless you told me? You’re a backstabber, that’s how. Trust me now, if you’re friends with this girl, you better find a new friend real quick. Besides, she bitches about how Jenny conned the autism community then ditched them, what a slut she is but now she’s tweeting her sweet little nothings, so maybe they can go be friends. 😉
Btw, @scrunnergirl everyone talks about how your super jealous of the friendship between corruptor and that other girl so if I were you I’d watch my back. (dear other girl, out of respect I didn’t use your name. You’re the only girl in this whole mess who hasn’t ran your mouth about others, you’re a great girl. Thank you.) The one person you were dissing me with is the one person I used to text with about how clingy & jealous you are. Not to mention the fact that they all said you were jealous because she got pregnant. Honey trust me, find new friends. At least when I started to dislike you and Kelsie, I unfollowed you and moved on. But hey, I guess no one likes an honest person huh?
Next I’ll share my story of @detroitskye . She really took the cake let me tell you. Lol I have been friends with this girl since nks came back. We even called each other sisters and I was there for her when her babies were sick, when her man was being a jerk yada yada… We finally agreed we should go to a nk show in Indianapolis last August. She informs me, I have a friend @vanessasparklez who can get free stuff from Donnie. But I have to fly her here. We already had tickets so we said, do whatever you like. She ended up flying this girl here and since she knew her for a few years I trusted her judgment and said she could stay at my house 2 nights free. From the beginning, I couldn’t stand this chick. It was Donnie gives me this he gives me that. He got me this row one time. Ok whatever. Lol We stayed up all night making stupid signs by hand even after I told them girls had already made signs to pass out. I went along and tried to be a good houseguest. We sat and talked about nks all night and this girl who flew here was cold. She didn’t like me because I didn’t agree that Donnie was a saint and that the sunshine doesn’t come out his ass. Sorry he’s a great guy, but even he’s not perfect. I didn’t say I hated him, I just don’t worship him and have his face tattooed on my arm like a nut. Lol Meanwhile, this girl keeps sneaking outside, saying she’s talking to Donnie about tickets or something. The next day we all get ready and get all the way to Indy to find out they forgot the stack of signs. So they decide to take off and go to a copy store to make copies. Just before we get out of the car at the venue, Vanessa gets a call. She says, ‘It’s ok. It doesn’t matter. I’ll see you later.’ My wife knew in her gut that the phonecall was regarding the free tickets, and that there wouldn’t be enough for all five of us. She was right. My wife and I wanted to hang out at the venue since I was meeting more friends there so I’m like, drop me off I’m not gonna go sit at a copy store. Lol (which turned out great because I saw Jon and his ass looked fantastic) 😀 So they left about 1pm and didn’t come back until it was time to go in. I kept begging her via text to just forget about it and to just come hang out and have fun. All I had wanted was a pic of us together; I was excited to finally have met someone I loved like a sister. So instead of hanging out with the girl you call a sister, you want to stay out and make copies even though you’re sitting too far from the stage for anyone to even see? Lol Okay! I tell you why she didn’t come back, she didn’t come back because she had to royally kiss this chick who was getting her tickets ass. From the moment they got here, it was whatever this chick wanted to do goes. She knew she had that control and used it anytime she wanted something too. So the deal was if you get concert tickets and after party tickets, they would take one and give us the other. The deal was, if they got good seats, we would go to the after party, and if they wanted to go party, they’d give us the concert tix. So she texts me and says we got crappy seats but we did get after party passes, see you after the show. Ok, so the show comes and goes…. I keep texting her with no answer. She had driven so we were literally standing outside getting yelled at to get off venue property. She finally texts and says we’re at the after party, I’ll text you when were done. Ummm…what? My wife texted and said, If Donnie is your bff, have him send someone out with the car keys so we don’t have to stand in the cold. She said it didn’t work like that. My wife texted her, Ok, so if he’s your friend, you can bring us the keys and then have him let you back in. She wouldn’t do that either. (Wonder why?) So basically my best friend whom I called a sister has just lied to me, ditched me and doesn’t care because she’s inside where it’s warm? (It was really cold). I let these people stay in my house for free 2 nights, I trusted them and we had agreed, and this is what they do? Over the nks no less? What happened to, oh you let us stay with you we will give you one or the other? I tell you what, greed happened. So I ask her, can we please have the car keys so we can go sit in the car? It’s very cold and were hungry. She finally says no I don’t wanna just give you my keys like she doesn’t trust me. What in the actual fuck? We have shared our deepest secrets, you’ve been sleeping at my house, with my kids there and YOU don’t trust ME? I’m tellin you, she did a complete 180 around this chick. So we stand outside cold and hungry til around 1am. I finally go up to the front of the venue and there is her and this chick posing for pics with their Jordan and Donnie autographs they got on their arms. Doing the one thing I had wanted that whole weekend: taking a pic as BH sisters. I was so crushed, I knew at that point what was going on. I knew she was ditching me for the girl who could get tickets. The next plan was to drop this girl at the airport and go home. Nope not happening. Vanessa told us there’s no point going to the airport to try to see a New Kid, they’ll already be gone (since they left about 20mins into the party after saying ‘We’ll be right back out! Don’t leave if you want a pic!’) according to them anyway.. Vanessa decides she wants to go to McDonalds and eat. Ok fine but please try to hurry because I’m severe celiac and even their salads aren’t safe. I literally had nowhere to eat, everything that was open I couldn’t have. This chick is being a complete and utter bitch, ‘I need to go relax, I have to rest awhile,’ even after she knows we can’t eat anything there. So instead of just eating then leaving they sit in the restaurant for 2hrs talking, knowing I haven’t eaten. But hey they had food in their belly so why did they care? At one point Skye comes out and says honey I’m so sorry everything just got messed up, please don’t be mad at me. She did wrong and she knew that. So we finally after 2 hrs make it to the airport. But hey, they’ve eaten so they stand there; right where we can hear talking about what happened in the after party, how they gotta get together again and how much they love each other. This is after I had asked Skye on the phone, can you trust this girl? Her reply? Well were both kinda using each other to get something so it doesn’t matter. Say whaaaat? So we drive home in silence, I’m in tears and we get to the house at 5am, even after I asked if we could be home around 2. I have this thing called responsibilities and my kids were coming home at 7am. I wanted to get a few hrs sleep, but they didn’t care. So at this point I’m ready to tell them to fuck off but instead I tell them not to drive back to Ohio. They had been awake almost 24hrs and I wasn’t gonna let her fall asleep and kill anyone. I could have told them to go to a hotel, but I was hoping for some sort of resolve. It was never about jealousy, it was about friendship. I loved this girl like a sister, maybe there was some explanation. I told them to sleep til 10, they finally rolled out of my bed at noon. Skye immediately began crying, saying how utterly sorry she was and begged me not to be mad at her. My wife started to talk because I was crying so hard I couldn’t talk. I was that hurt. She sat right there to my face and swore to me what they had done was wrong, that Vanessa was being a bitch and that she wanted to fix things. My wife was so furious with her she basically told her to leave, shes very protective and could see that I was upset. So….as soon as she got home, she hops on her computer and started texting and tweeting about how WE are BSCs, and how WE betrayed her. I was absolutely devastated. I had been stabbed in the back and fucked over for new kids. I was told I was jealous, that I was crazy and that I didn’t love nks when I did nothing wrong! This is how far people will go to get to the guys. That’s why I walked away, it wasn’t fun anymore. It’s become cutthroat. Now fast forward to now, I get a private message about how this bitch is sittin on her twitter talkin smack about me. Talk about adding insult to injury!! She posted that she can’t go see Jordan in indy because the BSC will be there…… What in the actual fuck?! First of all, there isn’t a bitch in this world worth going to jail for. I have 4 kids who depend on me and love me, I am an adult and as much as I’d love to smack her she’s not worth it. Second, I have nothing to really do with nks anymore. Jon hates me & I just don’t have the spare money to go anyway! I love how when people make mistakes they don’t man up, instead they attack the one person they just hurt. She then tells me, well Vanessa had 5 after party tickets but since you were talking about Donnie she didn’t give them to you. Ok well if she had them send a pic of all of them. She sent me a pic of 3 ticket stubs. I didn’t sit and talk shit about Donnie, I said sometimes he’s an ass but I’ll be the first to admit that EVERYONE has been an ass in their life. If you say you haven’t, then you’re a damn liar. Hell I’ve been a bitch before and I’ll admit it! Plus I got flack for not worshipping Jenny, sorry but that shit isn’t ever gonna happen. I didn’t like her when she was on Singled out and I still don’t. Does that make me a bad person? No, everyone has people in their lives they just don’t like. Funny thing is, that whole weekend I heard from them how Jenny was a bitch and she’s no good for him and everyone saying what a whore she is for spreading her legs for money. But I get crap for simply saying someone can be a butt sometimes? I think everyone can agree, if I have a problem with you, or if I don’t like you, I’ll let you know. Obviously. Lol In closing let me state again, that I didn’t do this to hurt anyone. I was just exhausted with all the drama. I’ll usually stay quiet til someone gives me a reason. Skye started running her mouth so I felt obliged to finish it for her. I want it to stop, you’re all grown ass women, what kind of examples are you setting for your children? I’m by no means perfect, but dammit I try to be a good friend. In the end, that’s the only thing I’m guilty of. Now go sit and talk shit about everyone some more. ;)


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